About Dr. Guild

rsz_webphotoI am a registered psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. I have specialized training in determining how changes in the brain lead to changes in thinking abilities (clinical neuropsychology).

I have a great deal of experience with assessment, diagnosis and intervention techniques for a variety of neurocognitive and neurodegenerative disorders. These include epilepsy, brain tumor, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, mild cognitive impairment and dementia. I am also passionate about sharing strategies and lifestyle factors that can help optimize emotional and cognitive well-being as we age and helping others to better understand the cognitive aging process.

I am currently being supervised by Dr. Jett to expand my skills in evidence-based therapy for addressing depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, adjustment to an unexpected event, acquired brain injury, chronic pain and stress. My therapeutic approach is collaborative and tailored to the strengths and needs of the client.

I earned my PhD in psychology at the University of Toronto. My doctoral research focused on changes in memory functioning with age. I have published peer-reviewed papers on memory changes with healthy aging, cognitive changes associated with mild cognitive impairment, traumatic brain injury and mechanisms of memory and perception.

In my spare time I enjoy attending concerts, singing, trying new foods and spending time with family and friends.

Did you know…

One in five Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.


A psychologist can help.

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